Wednesday 22 November 2017

Shock as video emerges of young Irish boy drinking 'pint of Guinness'

Cormac Fitzgerald

A video purporting to show a young boy downing a pint of video has emerged on the internet.

The video, which was uploaded 16 hours ago and already has over 50,000 views shows a young boy wearing a baseball cap, a gold chain and a vest sitting in what seems to be a crowded pub.

The boy says, “I’m drinking this Guinness… lovely Guinness, yeah,” before taking a big slug of the drink and wiping his mouth.

After, he says, “Lovely Guinness boys - number 1,” before the video ends.

A spokesman for Alcohol Action Ireland that there was a child protection issue at hand and that the video shouldn’t be viewed for amusement.

“There is a child protection issue here as it seems this young boy is being encouraged to engage in this dangerous behaviour by those filming him,” said the spokesman.

“There is certainly nothing remotely amusing about endangering the health and welfare of a child in this manner.”

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