Friday 15 December 2017

'She tried to keep a brave face but burst into tears' - Young Irish fans devastated as One Direction cancel gig

Clare Cullen

Clare Cullen

Fiona Dam and her daughter Mya Walsh were in their seats at the 'SSE Arena arena' in Belfast when they noticed something was amiss.

The mother-daughter duo had arrived at 7.15, ahead of the 7.30pm call time on the tickets.

After watching Jamie Lawson play for thirty minutes, Fiona said they were "just waiting for it to start" for over an hour. "We were getting restless... just sitting around and waiting".

Fiona told that videos were being played on the screen while they waited and then "it just went dark".

"They started playing music and we could see security guards running around".

At nine pm - thirty minutes after the band was due to start - the announcement was made over the speakers that the gig was off. 

There was such a reaction to the news, Fiona says, that the announcement "had to repeated".

Mya was very disappointed by the news.

"She was trying to keep a brave face but then she just burst into tears".

The devoted One Direction fan still loves the boys and doesn't hold her disappointment against them.

"People were ripping up posters all around us and returning gifts they'd bought to the shop but she kept her poster... she even bought a flag on the way out".

Mya got tickets to the Belfast gig as her Christmas present last December. She had been looking forward to the gig for ten months. "She was crying when she got them... she had just told me 'I'm going to cry when they come out'".

Her parents brought Mya and her two sibling to Belfast so Mya could see her idols. The family travelled up to Dublin on Monday, and onto Belfast on Tuesday before a planned return today.

"We couldn't get a sitter so we had our two other kids with us. We had to give them three days off school".

Mya has loved One Direction "since they started" and her bedroom is "covered in posters" of the boys.

"Harry is her favourite", Mya said, "she has the dolls and she hasn't opened them - they're a collectors item, she says!"

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