Sunday 25 February 2018

Secret recordings reveal Dublin pregnancy centre advising women that abortion leads to breast cancer

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An undercover investigation has discovered that a pregnancy counselling centre - based in Dublin - is advising that abortion increases a woman's risk of breast cancer.

Women are also being told that abortion can turn them into child abusers in later life, a secret recording at the clinic taken by an undercover London Times journalist reveals.

“That doesn’t mean that women get their kids and knock the head off them. It means that they have been known to neglect their children or over-protect them. It’s a psychological thing. Like a bereavement,” said a woman who claimed she was a counsellor.

An advertisement for The Women’s Centre on Berkeley Street in Dublin 7 describes the clinic - which is unregulated under Irish law - as a source of impartial advice for pregnant women who wish to travel abroad for an abortion.

According to The London Times, however, the clinic has direct links to a Catholic anti-abortion group. It also claims to have clinics in at least three other locations in Ireland.

While attending the clinic undercover, the reporter's mental state was called into question by the counsellor. The reporter was shown also pictures of aborted foetuses and asked if she thought it was fair on the foetus to have an abortion.

“If you’re going to have children in the future, it’ll all rest on this. If you get breast cancer, you’re a beautiful 26 year old, quite intelligent, your whole life ahead of you, if you make a mistake, you know . . . ”

The London Times journalist was then advised to attend the clinic's sister centre in London as attending other abortion clinics would result in infection.

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