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Schoolgirl (16) slashed during Coronas gig 'after accidentally bumping into woman'


A SCHOOLGIRL who was badly injured during a gig by The Coronas is amazed by the reaction from her favourite band.

Erin Kelleher suffered a deep gash to her forehead while watching Danny O'Reilly and his band play at The Marquee in Cork last Friday.


The 16-year-old said she was assaulted by a man after accidentally bumping into his wife while enjoying the music which was part of the Live at the Marquee series.

Erin said she attempted to apologise to the woman she had bumped off but her husband became violent in retaliation.

"He crushed his can. he started slashing at my face. He slashed me two or three times across my head," she told the Irish Daily Mirror.

"I had blood in my eye and I was in pain so I couldn't really get a good look at him."

The schoolgirl, who said she left the show soon afterwards to find her friends and make it home safely, contacted Cork's Red FM to tell them of the incident.

A number of others who witnessed that and other violence at the music event also contacted the local radio station to share their experiences.

The Coronas tweeted an apology via the station to Erin: "Sorry her night was ruined, if you ask Erin to get in touch with us we'll give her VIP tix & accom to our Galway show next month."

Lead singer Danny later rang the schoolgirl to apologise to his fan - and tell her of his offer personally.

"Skittin at me and izzy crying because Danny from the coronas just rang me," Erin tweeted.

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