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Ryanair working to 'tone down' cabin crew make-up





Ryanair has said it is working to "tone down" its cabin crew members' make-up.

Kenny Jacobs, chief marketing officer for the low-cost airline was speaking on the BBC Stephen Nolan show ahead of the airline's launch of its winter schedule from Northern Ireland.

Ryanair made its return to Belfast with regular services resuming last year.

Mr Jacobs asked if Ryanair cabin crew were forced to wear make-up or high heels.

"No we don't," he said.

"You will see we have a very balanced male/female crew on board.

Asked if crew had to wear make-up, he said: "If anything we are trying to tone that down.

"There are grooming guidelines which would allow some make-up but there isn't a rule that they have to.

"You want to have hair in a certain way, or don't want people going over the top with make-up and that would be for both male and female staff.  So there are grooming guidelines in place that other airlines have.

"If you are working for us, you are serving customers, you are working in a particular environment that is an aircraft and you have to have certain limitations in terms of what people do.

"We don't hear any complaints from people.

Asked if a male member of staff wearing mascara would be allowed to work on a Ryanair place, Mr Jacobs said he would "as long as he didn't overdo it".

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