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Ryanair steward has passengers in stitches with catalogue of bad puns

Did you hear the one about the cabin crew member who told a string of bad jokes?

Pre-flight messages can be extremely boring but this cabin crew member decided to lighten everyone's mood with a series of terrible puns.

The unidentified steward took the microphone on a flight from Glasgow to Dublin before unleashing the one-liners.

And a video of his cringe-worthy performance, taken by Irish teacher Sinéad Greene, has gone viral online.

He started by asking: "Have you heard about the man who was living in a tyre? He got a puncture he now lives in a flat."

The steward went on to ask: "What do you call a Spanish man whose car was stolen? Carlos."

Laughing at his jokes he continued: "What happened to the guy who broke his left arm and left leg? He's alright now."

He finally ended his act with a sushi pun before thanking his audience: “What does a sushi say to a bee? Wasabi!”

Passenger Sinéad Greene told Independent.ie that he was the "best flight attendant ever".

"Oh yeah he was so nice. He made a load of other jokes that I didn't get on camera."

The flight was from Glasgow to Dublin on Sunday, March 19 at about 10pm.

Ms Greene said: "Everyone was exhausted from paddy's day. He made a few jokes for the kids first then at the end of that video when I somehow stopped recording he said: 'I will now pass you over to my colleagues who will do your favourite part of any Ryan air flight, the safety maaaaacerena'."

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