Wednesday 17 January 2018

Ryanair flight to Dublin forced to make u-turn after passenger falls ill

Ryanair stock image
Ryanair stock image
Cathal McMahon

Cathal McMahon

Travellers hoping to make it to the Dublin St Patrick's Day parade were left disappointed after their Ryanair flight was forced to turn back not long after beginning its journey this morning.

Flght FR5771 from Glasgow to Dublin airport began the short trip over the Irish Sea shortly before 9am on Thursday but a mid-air emergency forced the aircraft to make a 180-degree turn over the Scottish coast.

A spokesman for the airline explained that one of the passengers became ill on board the Boeing 737-800 aicraft, causing the pilot to return to its starting point.

Crew contacted emergency services and an ambulance met the ill traveller at the Scottish airport.

Travellers who were planning to land in the capital by 10.00am for St Patrick’s Day festivities found themselves back in Glasgow a lot sooner than expected, according to the Express.

The Boeing 737-800 landed safely back in the Scottish city before 9.30am this morning.

Pilots declare mid-air emergencies through filing a Squawk 7700, which can include emergencies ranging from engine failure, to fire, to smoke, to passenger illness.

The plane took off to Dublin once the emergency had been dealt with.

A spokesman for the airline confirmed: “This flight from Glasgow to Dublin (17 Mar) returned to Glasgow shortly after take-off after a customer became ill on board.

"The crew called ahead to request medical assistance, the aircraft landed normally and the customer was met by medics upon arrival. The aircraft departed to Dublin a short time later.

"Ryanair apologised to all customers affected by this short delay.”

The spokesman claimed that the total delay time was 45 minutes.

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