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Rugby legend Paul O'Connell and billionaire J.P. McManus help launch environmental protection campaign


(L-R) Rugby legend Paul O'Connell, Tait House chief executive Tracey Lynch and J.P. McManus

(L-R) Rugby legend Paul O'Connell, Tait House chief executive Tracey Lynch and J.P. McManus

(L-R) Rugby legend Paul O'Connell, Tait House chief executive Tracey Lynch and J.P. McManus

BILLIONAIRE J.P. McManus and Irish rugby legend Paul O'Connell today helped launch the Team Limerick 2018 clean-up campaign.

The event, organised by I Love Limerick, this year featured a special 'Trash Fashion' extravaganza which aimed to promote an awareness of environmental protection and recycling.

The J.P. McManus Benevolent Fund also financed the distribution today of reusable drinking cups across Limerick - a move aimed at helping reduce the astonishing total of two million disposable cups that are sent to landfill in Ireland every day.

Trash Fashion was organised by Tait House Community Enterprise in Southill and the event featured youngsters with clothing or designs made entirely from recycled, sustainable materials that were disposed of as waste.

"The idea behind this exciting competition is to encourage those of all ages to learn about about the importance of recycling and reusing waste materials," explained Tait House chief executive Tracey Lynch.

"It allows contestants to express their creativity and innovation through the conscious re-use of materials that would otherwise end up in the bin."

Major Limerick celebrities ranging from J.P. McManus to Paul O'Connell have personally backed the campaign which aims to protect Limerick's environment while promoting a sense of pride in local communities.

The special Team Limerick 2018 clean-up has become a major success and has been hailed as a model of how to link community pride with environmental protection.

This year, the campaign has focused on the global drive towards tackling unnecessary waste in the form of disposal plastic cups.

Limerick residents are being encouraged to switch to more environmentally-friendly reusable cups.

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A key element of the Team Limerick 2018 campaign will be persuading local coffee shops to not only accept reusable cups but to offer customers who use them rewards to encourage other to switch away from disposable drink items.

To lead the way, the Tait Cafe will now offer a 10pc discount for anyone who uses a reusable cup for their hot beverage.

Incredibly, more than two million cups - virtually all with special plastic linings - are dumped and sent to landfill in Ireland every day.

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