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Revealed: Which county's residents pay the most tax... and which pay the least






Dubliners pay, per head, the most tax in the country, and the amount they contribute is far ahead of their percentage of the working population.

That is the finding of an Independent.ie analysis of figures published by the Central Statistics Office in recent weeks.

Dubliners aged over 15 pay, on average, €10,181.33, each in annual tax.

The county that pays the next highest per head is Kildare, whose working age population pay on average €9,079.11 each.

The citizens of Donegal pay the least of any county in the country, with the average person aged over 15 living in Donegal paying €4,474.62 a year.

The national average is €7,855.56, meaning Dubliners pay €2,325.77 more per head while Donegal residents pay €3,380.94 less.

The figures come from data released last week by the CSO on county incomes for 2015.

That release revealed how much tax was paid by each county in Ireland in that year. The tax paid figure is made up chiefly of income tax, USC and PRSI but also includes figures for Capital Gains Tax, Pension Fund Levy and other smaller taxes.

The figure for the entire state for 2015 was €29.5billion.

Dublin handed over the most, with just over €11billion (€11,071,239,705) paid by residents of the capital. Using the CSO census figures for April 2016, Dublin's population over the age of 15 was 1,087,406 meaning that each citizen over that age was paying just over €10,000 in tax that year.

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Dublin is, of course, the most populous county in the State so they should have the highest tax bill.

However, the figures show that for 2015, Dublin paid 37.5pc of the total taxes on personal income and wealth paid that year.

Dublin's percentage of the Irish population over 15 was 28.9pc, meaning Dublin was one of the few counties paying more than they should if the rate was to be purely on population levels.

Dublin did have by far the biggest discrepancy but Kildare (5.2pc of tax paid, 4.5pc of population), Meath (4.26pc paid, 3.89pc of population), Wicklow (3.12pc paid, 2.93 of population) and Limerick (4.22 paid, 4.14pc of population) all 'overpaid' based on population levels.

However the vast majority of counties, 24 of the 26, paid a proportion of the State tax that was within one percentage point of its population proportion.

Dublin was by far the largest discrepancy while Donegal was the other outlier.

Donegal has 3.31pc of the working population but paid 1.88pc of the tax, making them the only county with such a large 'underpayment' between population and percentage of tax paid.


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