Tuesday 22 October 2019

Revealed: The richest - and poorest - counties in Ireland


Sean Nolan

Dubliners have the most disposable income of any people in Ireland, with €3,122 more cash in their pocket than the national average.

That is according to the annual 'County Incomes' report from the Central Statistics Office.

The national average disposable income figure for 2015, which is calculated by taking all the income sources and excluding all the taxes, is €20,334.

Dublin has the highest average disposable income per person in the country at €23,298, or €1,942 per month.

Donegal has the lowest, at €15,705, €4,629 below the national average and €7,593 behind Dublin.

A CSO spokesperson confirmed to Independent.ie that these figures do not include any rent, mortgage or other obligations a person may have.

And if you take the average rent for Dublin city centre at the end of 2015, according to Daft.ie, €1,433, away from the disposable income figure then Dubliners had, on average, €509 a month to live on.

Only three counties (Dublin, Limerick, and Kildare) exceeded the national disposable income average in 2015 while Cork, Wicklow, Waterford and Meath were all within a few hundred euro of the mark.

At the other end of the scale Roscommon had the next lowest figure to Donegal, with an average disposable income of €16,582, followed by Offaly (€17,242) and Mayo (€17,390).

The Dublin figure is now at its highest since 2008, when it was calculated to be €24,729.

However, the national average figure of €20,334 still lags a sizeable amount behind the 2008 figure, which was €22,520.

Roscommon is over €4,000 behind its 2008 figures, when their disposable income was calculated at €20,764 per person compared to €16,582 seven years later.

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