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Revealed: The counties that have won the most Lotto jackpots

The counties that have won the most cash are ranked too

The Dan Morrissey Syndicated won a record-breaking €18.9 million in June 2008
The Dan Morrissey Syndicated won a record-breaking €18.9 million in June 2008
Kathy Armstrong

Kathy Armstrong

The capital has the luckiest National Lotto winners, with punters in the capital hitting the jackpot 572 times and scooping more than €856 million between them, a new report has revealed.

While people in the capital have enjoyed a Lot' of luck, players in Longford had the least amount of Lotto winners in Ireland, taking home just over €13m from 13 jackpots.

The National Lottery released the figures today ahead of their milestone 3,000th draw on Saturday, when an incredible €4.5m will be up for grabs.

They revealed a county-by-county breakdown of where people have hit the jackpot, including stats on how many people have scooped the top Lotto prize after playing online.

While Dublin exceeded every other county in terms of winners, Cork came in second, with 172 jackpot wins totalling €245m.

Finishing up the top three was Galway, where €137m in prizes was scooped over 92 jackpot wins.

Since the very first draw on April 16 1988, there have been 1,738 Lotto jackpot wins, with 745 prizes worth more than €1m.

While winners have netted over €4.4billion in prizes, a massive €2.9bn has also been raised for good causes nationwide through the game.

The very first Lotto jackpot winner was Donegal woman Brigid McGrath, who won IR£147,059.

Our first ever Lotto millionaire was Rita Power, who is from Ballinsaloe in Co Galway.

Ms Power netted IR£1,200,937 on May 6 1989.

Capture (2).jpg
Ireland's first ever National Lottery millionaire, Rita Power

The Dan Morrissey Syndicate from Co Carlow won a record-breaking €18.9 million on June 28 2008, which still stands today.

The National Lottery's Chief Executive Dermot Griffin said today that the game has become part of Irish culture and has changed many lives over the years.

“Lotto has been one of Ireland’s favourite pastimes for almost 30 years and it captures the imagination of the public as much today as it did when it was first launched in 1988.

“As we approach our 3,000th draw, we have seen an incredible 1,738 jackpot winners with prizes exceeding a phenomenal €4.4 billion.

“As Chief Executive of the National Lottery, I absolutely love welcoming our Lotto winners into our Winners’ Room, and witnessing first-hand the whole spectrum of emotions which winners go through with their life-changing Lotto jackpot wins. It is truly remarkable,” Mr Griffin said.

Mr Griffin added that it's not just the punters who have benefited from the National Lottery.

He said: “It’s not all about the winners. Lotto sales also benefit Good Causes all over Ireland. With every euro spent on National Lottery games, nearly 30 cent goes directly to Good Causes.

“The total amount from sales of Lotto tickets alone which has gone back to Good Causes throughout the country is a staggering €2.9 billion which has benefitted projects and organisations in the areas of health, sport welfare, education, arts and heritage.”


County          Lotto Jackpot Wins         Total Jackpot Amount

Dublin                      572                                  €856,434,245

Cork                        172                                  €245,936,167

Galway                      92                                   €137,955,578

Donegal                    90                                   €116,006,844

Mayo                         58                                  €103,718,494

Kildare                       69                                   €92,659,583

Louth                        76                                   €89,032,725

Tipperary                   51                                   €85,944,393

Wicklow                     54                                   €76,073,974

Meath                        54                                   €75,074,088

Limerick                     59                                    €74,397,231

Wexford                    46                                    €69,095,654

Westmeath                32                                    €67,205,418

Waterford                  40                                    €66,220,964

Clare                          40                                     €60,135,055

Cavan                        28                                    €52,879,738

Kerry                         37                                     €48,637,047

Carlow                       22                                     €43,670,824

Sligo                          23                                      €34,269,036

Offaly                        19                                      €29,866,385

Kilkenny                    24                                       €29,307,451

Leitrim                        9                                        €24,582,930

Laois                         13                                        €21,511,177

Roscommon             19                                        €20,032,530

Monaghan                 22                                        €16,851,213

Online                         4                                        €13,482,170

Longford                   13                                        €13,288,028

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