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Revealed: Ireland's most expensive graveyard plots - with cost reaching up to €32k

The average Irish funeral costs around €5,000 Photo: Getty
The average Irish funeral costs around €5,000 Photo: Getty
Catherine Devine

Catherine Devine

While the thought of burial plots is grim in itself, the price of funerals could have us turning in our graves.

The average Irish funeral costs around €5,000 but they can be significantly higher depending on where and how you're laid to rest.

Much like the current housing crisis the price of land in your area significantly determines the price of your funeral.

“The big difference in funeral costs is based on land. In Glasnevin Cemetery you could pay over €10,000 for a burial plot whereas in rural areas it could be €200,” said Colm Kieran from the Irish Association of Funeral Directors.

Glasnevin Cemetery Chapel
Glasnevin Cemetery Chapel

While there are many expenses for a funeral such as headstones, flowers and grave opening costs the most expensive part of a funeral is the burial plot alone.

One of the most expensive burial plots in the country costs €32,000 which includes a double grave near the chapel of Glasnevin Cemetery.

Other burial plots in Glasnevin Cemetery range from €2,000 in the gardens to €8,000 near the Old Finglas road.

Many of us may not be able to afford to rest in peace beside the likes of Eamon De Valera or James Larkin.

Meanwhile prices for a single burial in south Dublin are €2,400 on average and €4,800 for a double plot, while single plots on the north side start at €1,400.

The cheapest burial plots in the country are in rural areas with plots in Donegal and Cavan ranging from €200.

Rural places such as Donegal and Cavan have the cheapest burial plots
Rural places such as Donegal and Cavan have the cheapest burial plots

Roscommon’s burial plots also come out on top for price with a single burial plot costing €350.

The cost of plots in Limerick might surprise you with prices at Mount St. Oliver €750 while plots at Mount St. Oliver can cost up to €2600 if the plot is reserved.

A single plot in Kildare is €1,100 while a plot in Wicklow starts at €800.

Cork’s prices for a single plot vary depending on your location with city plots starting at €1,631 while plots in east Cork are significantly lower at €645.

Prices in Galway are reasonably average starting at €780 for a single plot in the city.

“It’s important for funeral directors to give people a choice in location like they do in coffins where there are cheaper and more expensive options,” said Colm Kieran.

While funerals are expensive, he said it’s down to “personal decisions”.

“People are planning more for occasions like funerals, first communions and confirmations. It’s the personal choices that affect the price such as music, flowers and location. Funerals are a lot more service based now which makes them more expensive.”

Colm said there has been no “driving increase” in funeral prices over the past few years.

One way to escape the enormous cost of a graveyard funeral is to opt for a cremation with prices again varying across the country from€200 TO €1,000.

So while funerals can be an enormous expense for families if your planning for a funeral remember to pick the essentials, see if your eligible for bereavement grants and shop around for burial plots.

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