Friday 24 May 2019

Residents angry at latest twist in Croker drama

Brian Byrne

CROKE PARK residents were incensed after Dublin City Council offered Garth Brooks' two additional matinee concerts.

Local resident Julie McDermott said she hopes the American country music superstar "never comes back here again" and described his decision to reject both matinee shows as "very spiteful towards his fans".

"If he was really worrying about his fans, he'd do the three," she said, adding that she is angry over the way the entire situation was handled. Other residents were less concerned that some agreement could be reached between Brooks, Aiken Promotions and local authorities and that the five concerts will be allowed to proceed.

Maks Kulyczynski, who is originally from Poland, has lived on Prospect Road for three years.

Mr Kulyczynski, who works as a barman in The Brian Boru Pub, said he "didn't mind" whether three or five concerts take place.

"I usually work during concerts and GAA matches anyway. And even when I'm not working, it's not too loud for me," he said.

Meanwhile Edward McGregor from Ballymun, who works at the Croke Park Community and Handball Centre, which represents 570 families in the area, believes all five concerts will still go ahead.

"As long as there's money coming into the area, I'm happy," he said.

"And these will bring money in, big time. I don't think there'll be that much anti-social behaviour or anything like that. You'd see worse at a football match."

Eamonn O'Brien, from the Croke Park Community and Handball Centre, said it would be meeting with other residents' groups next week to discuss their next move.

He said they would prefer if the concerts went ahead but they wanted a legally binding agreement from the GAA along the lines of the suggestions in Kieran Mulvey's mediation report of no more than three concerts in a row should ever again take place.

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