Monday 23 April 2018

Regency Hotel murder: Killers waited patiently for gates to open as they fled scene

The gang waits for the electronic gates to open
The gang waits for the electronic gates to open
Conor Feehan

Conor Feehan

A shocking video has emerged that shows the killer gang that murdered David Byrne escaping from the Regency Hotel last Friday.

The killers were so brazen in their getaway that they casually waited at an electronic gateway into a private apartment complex and used a key fob to open the gates.

This process took 15 seconds as shocked people looked on.

The footage shows that while Byrne lies dead on the floor of the reception area, after being gunned down at point-blank range, the stolen silver Ford Transit van with the gang of six waits at the entrance into the Gracepark Manor estate while the gates open.

In the video, seen by the Herald, people in the hotel lobby can be heard speaking in disbelief about what has just happened.

"There they are in the van. They're not cops," says one man.


"They're not cops, get in out of the f***in' way," says another man, urging the first man to come away from the front door and out of danger.

"They're trying to get out down there. They're down there in their van.

"They're stuck down there at the thing (the electronic gates)," says the first man in disbelief.

Another voice can be heard exclaiming "look at that young fella", when he sees David Byrne lying lifeless on the floor.

The footage, recorded on a mobile phone, also shows that a taxi was either collecting or dropping off a fare at the entrance to the hotel while the shooting was going on and as the gang made their getaway.

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