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Radio presenter George Hook calls Dublin 'a lawless city' after thieves break into car and steal briefcase


George Hook.

George Hook.

George Hook.

Newstalk presenter George Hook has called Dublin “a lawless city” after thieves broke into his car and stole his briefcase.

The rugby pundit had parked his car in the city centre at dusk yesterday when the thieves smashed the car window and took his briefcase which contained his Apple laptop and his wallet.

The Mac laptop, worth around €1,000, was registered on Find My Mac and it will be wiped clean when the thieves try to access the internet.

But George, whose home was burgled last year, admits that he feels violated that his personal property was stolen.

“My briefcase contains my life, so my life was taken. Everything was on my laptop.”

“We live in a fairly lawless city, and the gardai, it’s not their fault. They are under staffed and under funded.”

“When they burgled my house, and it’s the same when they burgled my car, it’s a sense of violation.”

The radio personality says he was impressed with the speed at which the gardai responded to his call yesterday evening.

“I was impressed with the speed that they came and handled the whole thing. I got a real sense that they cared. You feel secure with them around.”

Luckily the presenter had everything on his laptop backed up, but he says he’ll never leave his briefcase in his car again.

“The interesting thing really is we do all the things we should after they happen to us. I’ll never leave my briefcase in the car again.”

“Last year my home was burgled  and then I go off and buy an alarm.”

“In one sense, it’s not the end of the world, you’re just ‘p***ed off’ about it,” he admitted.

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