Friday 23 August 2019

Radio host Adrian Kennedy to meet gardaí over 'vile' text threat

Radio show host Adrian Kennedy Photo: Steve Humphreys
Radio show host Adrian Kennedy Photo: Steve Humphreys
Fiona Dillon

Fiona Dillon

Radio host Adrian Kennedy has spoken of his disgust after a sinister and vile threat was made against his family while he was live on air.

The disturbing text message was sent to 98FM's 'Dublin Talks' show, which is hosted by Mr Kennedy and Jeremy Dixon, yesterday.

It read: "Adrian im gna rape ur wife and cut her slowly while burning ur kids."

Mr Kennedy said texts to the station come in on a computer monitor, so the hosts can see them as they are doing the show.

"This text just caught my eye. I had to look twice at it to see if I was reading it right. Myself and Jeremy were on air at the time. I was left speechless," he said.

Mr Kennedy addressed the texter live on air, saying: "We will be forwarding your text message on to gardaí because your text is the most vile text I've ever, ever received while doing a radio programme in Dublin. I'm shocked."

The show subsequently received a second text from the phone, and the listener claimed his work colleagues had sent the threatening text on his work phone, which he had left with them in a van.

"I am the owner Adrian and I'm sorry," read the text.

"This is my work phone and I'm really sorry that that scumbag sent it.

"I sent him home. I'm so sorry. This is my work phone.

"How dare he find it funny, then knock my phone off. I'm really sorry."

Mr Kennedy and his partner, Linda Byrne, were both left shaken by the content of the text.

He will meet gardaí today to report the matter.

"I want gardaí to tell whoever it was sent that text, that it is not acceptable to send texts like that.

"Even if you think it is some sort of a joke, it's not," he said.

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