Tuesday 18 June 2019

Quarter of sexual crimes reported to gardai in 2018 occurred a decade or more ago - CSO

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Shane Phelan

Shane Phelan

A quarter of sexual crimes reported to gardaí last year occurred a decade or more beforehand, according to data published by the Central Statistics Office.

In a report, the CSO said a particular feature of reported sexual crime was that it was sometimes not disclosed to gardaí until long after the offence occurred.

According to the data, some 1,754 sex crime victims, or 63pc of those who made complaints last year, reported the offence within a year of it happening.

There were considerable variations in the time lag for the remainder of reports.

But 683 victims, or 25pc of the total, reported incidents a decade or more after they were said to have happened.

This was in stark contrast to assaults and related offences, where less than 1pc of incidents recorded in 2018 said to have occurred more than a year before the date they were reported.

An analysis of recent reported sexual violence crimes, incidents which were reported within a year, showed the vast majority of victims were female.

The data shows there were 1,562 female victims, compared to just 192 male.

Almost a third of victims of recent sexual violence crimes reported in 2018 were females under the age of 18.

A further third were females aged between 18 and 29 at the time of the offence, while 24pc were aged 30 or above.

An analysis of historic cases showed that in 83pc of cases the complainants were reporting abuse which took place when they were children.

Some 566 historic victims, or 56pc of the total, were women under the age of 18 at the time of the offence.

A further 283 victims, or 28pc of the total, were males under the age of 18 when the offence occurred.

Overall, females were victims in just over two-thirds of historic cases.

The data published by the CSO also examined homicides and assaults in 2018.

It said 77pc of homicide and 59pc of assault victims were male.

There were 57 male victims of homicide last year and 17 female victims.

There were 46 victims of murder or manslaughter and 28 victims of dangerous driving causing death.

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