Monday 14 October 2019

PSNI call on parents to monitor teens as police are forced to ‘waste time parenting your children’

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Gabija Gataveckaite

A police officer in Northern Ireland has called on parents to monitor their “drunk and fighting” teenagers after claiming that police time is wasted on “parenting your children”.

Sgt Lowry took to the PSNI Carrickfergus Facebook account last night to issue an appeal to parents whose teenage children have headed out for the night.

He stated that the force was out dealing with a large group of rowdy teenagers in the Carrickfergus, county Antrim area last night.

“We are presently dealing with a very large group of teenagers who are drunk and fighting in the Carrick area,” he wrote.

“Young guys beating other young guys and girls! These are your kids. My advice get out of your house and come and get your children now,” he added.


The sergeant explained that the police were moving into the area with a large presence and urged parents to collect their children from the area.

He added that if the teenagers were caught fighting, they were going to custody.

“If we catch your child fighting they are going to custody. We have identified a few children already.

“While we waste out time parenting your children we cant get on with detecting drink driver before they kill someone or people breaking into houses. Do you know where your child is.... no? Please find out,” the statement concluded.

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