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Pro Life Vigil: Campaigners vow to make abortion a key election issue

The Pro Life Campaign group have vowed to make abortion a key issue in the next general election - and have refused to rule out running candidates of their own in marginal constituencies.

They will also try and force all outgoing TDs to make public their stance on the abortion issue before polling day.

In an effort to put increased pressure on TDs and Senators, some 350 Pro Life activists held a vigil outside the Dail this evening.

They carried a range of anti-abortion placards and banners, making clear the organisation's intentions, to politicise the issue as much as possible.

Caroline Simons, Legal Consultant to the Pro Life Campaign, told the gathering that the push for more abortion has been "relentless" in the past week.

"But I sense there is a strong undercurrent of public revulsion at the way pro-choice groups sought to deny the humanity of the baby that is currently battling to survive," she added.

"People are concerned  the government’s abortion legislation could have been used to end the life of this defenceless baby - at any stage in pregnancy - right up to birth," she said.

She also said that for years the unborn child has been "written off" by pro-abortion advocates as nothing more than a "clump of cells."

"The present case creates a real dilemma for them. It is palpable how uncomfortable it is making them feel. On this occasion, the humanity of the unborn baby cannot be so lightly dismissed," she said.

Speaking to the Irish Independent, she refused to rule out the possibility of the group running candidates of their own in the next general election.

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