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Prank victim threatens 'strong' revenge as 'rooftop bedroom' joke goes viral



One young Irish man who fell victim to a prank last weekend - when he was given the "ultimate room with a view" - has promised revenge on his prankster pals.

The dexterous housemates of Diarmuid Vaughan (25) got busy while he attended the Cork and Clare football game on Sunday.

And he came home to find his bed, clothes and shoes, all strategically arranged on the roof of his house, in exactly the same position he’d left them downstairs.

“I was at the match and I got a notification on Facebook, they had tagged me in a picture. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, I saw the shoes and my purple bedsheets.”

“It took them around 45minutes to take everything out and make the room exactly as it was.”

“My girlfriend thought it was hilarious. I hopped into the bed and all.”


“That flat roof is going to be a place to rent,” he told independent.ie.

Diarmuid, a sales and marketing manager at Rochestown Park hotel in Cork, lives with four others in the house and describes it as a “half way house” where vicious pranks have been played.

“I’d be under tight confidentiality of what we’ve done. We’ve crossed the line in so many ways. We’ve made lads cry and all.”

“We’ve pulled every prank under the sun. This prank was the icing on the cake because they pulled everything out onto the roof. I’d say it took around 12 of them.”

“There are two who will be benefiting from the revenge from this one.”

“We’ll leave this one stir in the pot for one or two weeks and we’ll come back at them strong. We’ll pounce when they least expect it.”

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