Tuesday 24 April 2018

Poor Molly Malone... Dublin's fair maiden gets the graffiti treatment yet again

Louise Kelly

Louise Kelly

Molly Malone's cleavage is no stranger to controversy, having once knocked heads with Facebook over being "too sexy".

And, unfortunately, the latest 'tagging' is not the first time Dublin's fair maiden has been subject to vandalism either.

Ms Malone underwent a whole body makeover last summer when the statue was moved from the bottom of Grafton St in May.

Four days after her steam-clean and welding job, the poor fishmonger suffered a spray paint attack in her new home on Suffolk Street.

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Today's scrawl perhaps means a great deal to the 'artist' who decided to 'tag' the vulnerable Ms Malone's chest.

But it's doubtful whether the iconic statue - already reeling from the move to facilitate the cross-city Luas works - feels the same way.

Last August, Facebook apologised for deeming Ms Malone 'too sexy' to publish as it featured on the front cover of a Dublin author's book.

After initial confusion in which the social media platform thought the advert was for a dating site, Frank Whelan explained the advertisement was for a novel.

Ms Malone is set to return home when the Luas works are complete – estimated at around October 2017.

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