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Planning on taking a taxi this weekend? These are the places with the most taxis per person

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There is a licensed taxi for every 126 people in Dublin, while in Monaghan the comparable figure is one taxi for every 758 people.

The real level of taxi coverage in Ireland can be revealed after data released by the National Transport Authority (NTA) this week on the numbers of taxi driver licenses and taxi vehicle licenses in Ireland.

The numbers of taxi vehicle licenses active in Ireland on December 31 2017 was 20,581.

Dublin leads the way, with 10,688 licensed taxi vehicles in the county, more than half the country's total.

Only Cork (1,780) and Meath (1,091) also have a number of licensed taxi vehicles in the thousands.

The county with the lowest numbers of licensed vehicles is Leitrim, with 65.

However, when you compare the numbers of vehicle licenses with 2016 Census data it reveals that the county that has the fewest taxis per head of population is Monaghan.

There are 81 licensed vehicles in Monaghan, which works out at one licensed vehicle for every 758 residents.

The figure for the entire country is one licensed taxi for every 231 people.

Other counties that are near the bottom of that table include Tipperary (one taxi for every 688 people), Wexford (one taxi per 599 people) and Roscommon (one taxi per 566 people).

Dublin tops the table with a taxi for every 126 residents of the capital. Meath is second with a taxi for every 179 residents of the county. Louth is third with one taxi for every 232.

Figures also released this week show that there are 26,012 active taxi driver licences in Ireland as of December 31 2017.

Again the highest number, 14,047, were active in Dublin, with the next largest county, Cork, having 2,355 active taxi driver licences.

The lowest number of active taxi driver licences are in Leitrim, where 93 are registered with the NTA.

However, when the number of active driver licences are compared with population levels, it is Wicklow that comes out bottom of that particular list.

Wicklow has 202 taxi driver licence holders for a population of 142,425 meaning there is a licensed driver for every 705 people.

Dublin again has the lowest rate, with a licensed driver for every 96 people in the capital.

Data released by the NTA also showed that of the 26,012 taxi licenses, 209 were issued to drivers under 30 and further 2,553 were issued to drivers between 30 and 39.

By far the largest age group for taxi drivers in Ireland was the 50-59 age group, with 8,225 taxi drivers.

And 133 of the licensed drivers were aged 80 or more.

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