Sunday 17 December 2017

Pizza delivery man fined almost three nights' wages after unfair clamping

Clamp, stock picture
Clamp, stock picture
Catherine Devine

Catherine Devine

An Apache pizza delivery man has claimed his car was clamped in front of him as he took two minutes to deliver a pizza.

Justin, a delivery man for the pizza company told Liveline on RTÉ Radio One: "I came there just for delivering pizza. I was there for less than two minutes. The customer said no, I’m not going to come down, you have to come up so I just go there and I come back very fast.”

The delivery man, originally from India said he told the clamper that he was only parked for two minutes.

“He did it in front of me, I was there. He just locked it when I was standing there.”

Justin was fined €120, which he said will take him almost three night’s wages. “I earn only €50 a night. I had to pay €120 from my pocket.

“Customers don’t understand there’s no parking near. They say they paid for the delivery so you have to come up.”

Justin was parked beside the Grand Canal docks on Charlotte's Quay when he was fined by the NCPS van, a private clamping company.

Justin was parked between the private property and the public road when he was fined.

The customer who ordered the food told the radio show that he witnessed the clamping.

One witness to the incident Declan told Joe Duffy: “The area does have double yellow lines but it’s an area that generally delivery guys would park and no-one is there for too long for obstruction or anything."

Her continued: “I’d say the delivery man was there for max one to two mins. He was standing 50 yards from where the car was clamped.”

Declan explained that the delivery man seemed upset:  "I could tell the release fee was going to be his night’s wages but when he told me the hours he’s going to be working it was going to be half his week’s wages.

“I thought he would have shown some compassion when he saw that Justin was just a delivery guy doing his evening’s work.”

Justin said he had been clamped in the area before but that he was longer the last time.

“I was clamped before but on that day I can accept it because I took longer, like five minutes. But yesterday I literally took two minutes.”

Apache rang the clamping company but said there was nothing that they could do. Justin has made an appeal with the NCPS.

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