Friday 20 September 2019

Pictured: This on-the-run Dublin fraudster is suspected in All Ireland ticketing scam

Wesley Brennan
Wesley Brennan

Conor Feehan and Ian Begley

An on-the-run convicted Dublin fraudster is a suspect in the theft of more than €400 from a mother who believed she was getting tickets for Sunday’s All Ireland final in return.

Gardai at Fitzgibbon Street are investigating if Wesley Brennan (32) is the man who met with the woman and took €420 from her in a cafe under a promise of collecting the tickets in a GAA shop around the corner last Tuesday. However, he never returned and disappeared with her money.

‘Siobhán’ - not her real name - said she spent more than two hours today helping gardai track down the criminal from her home in Leixlip, Co Kildare.

She said Garda are “closing in” on the main suspect in the case.

According to Siobhan, he made a fatal error in his scam that will “almost certainly” lead to his arrest.

“They’re very confident that they know where he and said it’s only a matter of time before they make an arrest,” she said.

Although Siobhan is still heartbroken over falling victim to the scam, she said she is putting all her energy into bringing the man who conned her brought to justice.

“I’m glad I shared my story because through the feedback I’ve been getting I now know that people are being conned every day of the week but are just too embarrassed to report it.”

“I’ll be very happy to see this man behind bars because he’s the type of guy that won’t stop until he’s caught,” she said.

Wesley Brennan from Tallaght is on the run from a prison in Northern Ireland since January last year when he was given home leave while on remand for allegedly creating false ads online, offering tickets for the 2017 All-Ireland Final.

Wesley Brennan
Wesley Brennan

Brennan was previously jailed in 2015 in Dublin after being convicted of stealing a woman’s car on a first date after the pair met on a dating site.

He criticised the woman’s driving before asking could he drive for a while, but when he got in the driver’s seat he drove off and later sold the car to a scrap yard in Ashbourne, Co Meath.

Brennan was jailed for 18 months.

Another Dublin woman claimed her friend had been scammed out of €1,400 for sports tickets after meeting Brennan on the same website.

According to a Northern Ireland Department of Justice website, Brennan’s offences include Breach of Community Based Order x2, Fraud by False Representation x6, Theft x11, and driving whilst disqualified.

On Tuesday, the woman told RTÉ’s Liveline how the man set about conning her.

She explained how she answered an ad on and then exchanged telephone numbers with the person taking out the ad.

She said he had initially offered her two Cusack stand tickets at face value for this Sunday’s Dublin v Kerry clash.

“After we exchanged phone numbers he explained he would only give them to someone who he trusted and would not sell them on for a profit. 

“He claimed he was a solicitor, but got a job working in the GAA and had spare tickets for the final,” said the Kildare woman.

“He wanted to ensure that his tickets didn’t fall into the hands of touts, and would only sell to genuine fans.”

Asked why she wanted the tickets, Siobhan explained that it would mean the world to her 14-year-old daughter, whose father had been an avid Dubs fan before he passed away.

They agreed to exchange social media accounts as an extra precaution, and the following morning the two arranged to meet at Croke Park so the tickets could be handed over.

The conman added that he now had three more tickets and asked if she knew of any “genuine fans” who would be interested in one premium and two Hill seats.

“It came to a total of €420 for the five tickets at face value,” she said.

“I told the man that my daughter was so excited about the tickets and that she couldn’t thank him enough. He even said he had an extra surprise for her and sent her a video from outside the Cusack Stand showing where he said she would be seated on Sunday.”

They met on Tuesday and the man took the woman’s money and told her to wait in a cafe with the children she had with her, and he would be back with the tickets after he collected them in the GAA shop on Dorset Street.

But he never returned.

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