Monday 19 August 2019

Pictured: Female officer has clump of her hair pulled after attending house call to teen girl

The officer was assaulted
The officer was assaulted

Claire Williamson

A female police officer was assaulted as crews attended a call for help in Bangor, County Down.

The officer had a clump of her hair pulled out during an assault at a house in the Bangor West area at around 1.45am on Friday November 17.

Police officers highlighted a number of incidents as people have been paying tribute to the work done by emergency services on Blue Light Day on Friday.

A PSNI spokesman said: "Officers attended and a female aged in her teens was arrested on suspicion of common assault and criminal damage. She is currently in custody helping with police enquires."

Officers posting on the PSNI Bangor Facebook page said: "The officers continued with their call, spending several hours afterwards in the custody suite and eventually returned to the station 15 mins before finishing time.

"I know she will cover this up to her children when she gets home and get on with the day as normal but no mother should have to explain why she has a clump of hair pulled out just doing her job."

In addition in Holywood the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service were victim of a hoax call as they reacted to the report of a school on fire - which turned out to be false.

Officers said: "Some nice person thought it would be fun to ring 999 at silly o’clock and report a school on fire.

"Fire and Rescue Service had to force entry to school grounds only to find it had been a hoax. We have the number that called in and a good idea where it came from.

"In a third incident paramedics in Bangor were called to an individual showing signs of either drug or alcohol abuse.

"They attended to him and whilst not the most cooperative they gave him a lift home to make sure he was safe even though they were under pressure to take further calls.

"Saying all that though, that’s night shift for you and we will all continue to get on with it and do our best to keep the people of Ards and North Down safe 24/7 no matter what comes our way.

"Happy Blue Light Day to all our colleagues out there."

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