Sunday 27 May 2018

PIC: Housemates from hell? Large spiders invade Irish homes

Credit: Clive Lawler/Facebook
Credit: Clive Lawler/Facebook Newsdesk Newsdesk

Is this the very definition of a 'housemate from hell'?

They don't pay rent, they scare off guests and we're pretty sure that they never do the dishes.

Not forgetting, that when they want to go out, they always expect you to bring them.

These large spiders that are invading Irish homes are far from ideal tenants and they're becoming more common with winter setting in.

One of these unexpected guests was spotted by Clive Lawlor in his Co Wexford home.

Mr Lawlor was more welcoming than most.

He said: "My new friend... Come in from the cold."

Thanks to a wet spring and a relatively warm summer the numbers of house spiders in Ireland this year has risen sharply, and when you learn that they can have 60 spiderlings at any one time, it is no surprise that there seems to be a spider epidemic.

An abundance of food for spiders to eat, chiefly other insects, has also led to the larger-than-normal eight-legged creatures.


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