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'People have died' due to the lack of ambulances


Ross MacCobb

Ross MacCobb

Ross MacCobb

A FIREFIGHTER has told how "people have died" due to the lack of available ambulances.

Ross MacCobb (38), who works as a paramedic and firefighter out of Phibsborough Fire Station, said he can be called out to at least 10 different incidents in a single day.

"People have died on the side of the road due to the non-availability of ambulances," said the firefighter, who is a trade union representative with the Irish Fire and Emergency Services Association.

He said that resources were "stretched" and there had been incidents "where patients have been brought to hospital in garda vans because there are no resources there".

Fireman and paramedic Trevor Hunt, who operates out of Tara Street Fire Station, said the job "can't prepare you for what you see." Yet he enjoyed going to work to try help people.

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