Friday 23 February 2018

Parents 'disgusted and appalled' after used condoms found in children's playground

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A number of parents have expressed their outrage at the discovery of used condoms at a local playground this week.

Parents who visited a playground in Bandon, Co Cork with their children claim there were used condoms and condom wrappers littered all over the play area.

One horrified parent wrote into local radio station C103, describing what she saw.

"I am writing to tell you about what I came across today! My boyfriend my baby and me met our friends in Bandon today. Our friends have a 2- year-old and we decided we would go to the playground with our kids!

Bandon playground Photo: C103 Facebook
Bandon playground Photo: C103 Facebook

"When we got there, there was [sic] condom wrappers and condoms all over the playground!!

"And I mean not just a couple there was [sic] loads! The playground was full of young children running around the place! It was disgusting! I couldn't believe it! We left straight away! Who is supposed to be in charge of the upkeep of this playground? And better off who the hell would leave them around or do there [sic] business there in the first place!! Disgusted!"

A number of other listeners also called in to the show, complaining about the general upkeep of the playground.

One listener described it as "dirty and unsafe" and said she was "disgusted and appalled" that people were leaving used condoms in the playground.   

Another woman claimed she was glad to see people practicing safe sex.

"I'm delighted they're using condoms, I'm just disappointed they are not putting them in the bin," she said.

Parents said they contacted local councillors in the area to address the issue.

Last year, Cllr James O'Donovan (FG) raised a motion calling on Cork County Council to improve the standard of the playground.

"There are a couple of issues here and they include the fact that people feel the slides and swings are unsafe and that there are big gaps. There is also concern about the surface with children falling and cutting themselves as well as anti-social behaviour from a number of people," he said.

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