Monday 19 March 2018

Panti Bliss: 'I'll happily debate gay marriage referendum with Iona's Breda O’Brien on TV'

Panti Bliss and Breda O'Brien
Panti Bliss and Breda O'Brien

Irish personality Panti Bliss has said she would be happy to have a TV debate with Iona Institute's patron Breda O’Brien on next month’s gay marriage referendum.

Yesterday, Ms O’Brien said she was willing to face Panti in a public debate, as long as it was "respectful".

Panti told today that she accepted Ms O’Brien’s challenge.

“I am happy to debate the issue with Breda whenever, preferrably on TV that would be good, it would be good for everyone.”

“In general, obviously I disagree strongly about all of her views on gay marriage.”

But she added: “If she’s willing, I’m willing too.”

Panti added that she would “just do one debate... Breda is the right person to have that debate with it”

Yesterday, Ms O’Brien said she thinks unmarried gay couples should abstain from sex.

Panti told today: “Obviously I think expecting gay people to remain celibate all of their lives is preposterous. In that same piece herself, Breda said she wouldn’t be able to be celibate, she said sex is important for her, and she also said she wasn’t able to become a nun.”

Ms O’Brien had said: "If you can live up to this very demanding thing, I think it will make you happy [to abstain]. It will be excruciatingly difficult - I think you will need huge support, huge help, lots of very strong, loving relationships."

"Sometimes giving something up can lead to other kinds of happiness. You would have to be a very unselfish person to do that and I think very good people have great capacity for joy and happiness," Ms O’Brien told

Panti is currently performing her sell-out show "Panti: High Heels in Low Places" in London's Soho Theatre, which runs until May 2.

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