Tuesday 24 October 2017

One-third of young men take lift from drunk driver

AA Ireland spokesman Conor Faughnan
AA Ireland spokesman Conor Faughnan

Danielle Stephens

ONE in three young men have travelled in a car driven by somebody over the drink-drive limit in the past year.

A study has found that 30pc of males aged 17-24 got into a car where they knew that the driver was either under the influence of alcohol, or severely hungover.

This figure compared to 19pc of women of the same age bracket, according to the AA online survey.

With many people watching the World Cup in their local pubs, Conor Faughnan of AA Ireland urges young people not to take a lift from someone that they suspect to be over the limit.

"Please give a bit of thought to how you'll get home at the end of the night, whether it's a taxi, public transport or a designated driver," he said.

The highest percentage of respondents was recorded in Wicklow, with over one in five people admitting to getting in a car with a driver that they suspected had drunk more than they should have.

Louth (19pc), Kilkenny (17pc), Longford (17pc) and Meath (17pc) followed closely behind, with Monaghan (4pc) proving to be the most responsible county on this issue.


Mr Faughnan also urged people – particularly young males – not to underestimate their blood alcohol levels the morning after a drinking session.

According to the poll, 59pc of males aged between 17 and 24 admitted to running the risk of driving while still over the legally permissible limit the morning after the night before.

Almost seven in 10 of men in this age bracket said that they had gotten into a car where the driver was "severely hungover" in the previous 12-month period.

"The range of symptoms that arise from a hangover can significantly impair your ability to drive and can make you potentially as dangerous as an intoxicated driver," said Mr Faughnan.

The poll showed that, overall, 13pc of the 14,884 respondents said they that in the previous year they had travelled in a car with someone they knew was over the drink-drive limit.

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