Friday 17 November 2017

On top of the world – Ireland ranked as 'most good' country

Ireland is on top of the world
Ireland is on top of the world
Emma Jane Hade

Emma Jane Hade

KNOWN around the globe as the land of a thousand welcomes, our international reputation continues to thrive as Ireland has officially been ranked the "goodest" country in the world.

The results of the "Good Country Index" has found that Ireland tops the list of 125 countries – aimed towards determining which country on earth contributes to the planet and human race the most.

Ireland was determined to have contributed the most to the planet, and was almost identical to Finland who came second, while our British neighbours trailed behind in seventh.

Nine of the top 10 spots were comprised of Western European countries, while Kenya was the highest ranking African nation at 26th. The world's largest country, the Russian Federation, ranked 95th and Libya was last.

The survey is the first of its kind and is based upon analysis and research from 35 separate indicators from the United Nations, the World Bank, the Basel Convention, the Global Footprint Network, as well as several other international NGOs and institutions.


The indicators include the number of Nobel prize winners, exports of creative goods and services, as well as drug seizures and humanitarian aid contributions.

These 35 indicators were then grouped into seven different contributory categories, including science, technology, culture, peace, world order and health. Care was taken to ensure countries with weaker economies weren't "unduly penalised" when compiling the list, and their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was also taken into account.

International independent policy advisor Simon Anholt, founder of the "Good Country Index", said that he believes countries need to stop "behaving as if they were islands, disconnected from the rest of the world".

"We live in an age where the impacts of everything we do are always felt around the world, and we need to start taking responsibility for those impacts," he continued.

"The Good Country Index is a tool that can help start this process".

He added: "We need a world made of good countries, not a world of successful countries."

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