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Now get ready for the blast of Henri


Rainfall over Ireland

Rainfall over Ireland

Rainfall over Ireland

The south and west of the country were hit with another 30mm of rainfall last night after a weekend of torrential rain.

Met √Čireann extended its severe weather warning until midnight last night for Munster, Wexford and Galway.

But forecasters said it was still too early to say whether the remnants of tropical storm Henri will hit Ireland's east coast tomorrow.

Forecaster Louise Heraghty said further heavy rain overnight could cause continued flooding.

The low pressure that brought flooding yesterday will have moved away to the northeast, giving Ireland a brighter and sunnier day today, with only some scattered showers, said Ms Heraghty.

However, she warned: "There is a risk of some persistent falls of rain in the eastern half of the country on Wednesday, with winds picking up on the east and southeast coasts."

Britain is expected to be worst hit by Henri.

Peter O'Donnell, from Irish Weather Online, said: "Remnants of Henri will create some rain in the southeast on Wednesday, but most of this may remain offshore."

He said the west suffered worst in recent days, with 57mm of rain at Mace Head in just 24 hours. It will continue mild, however, throughout the week, with daytime temperatures of 14C to 17C.

The best of the weather over the past few days was in the northwest, where temperatures reached 17C in the sunshine yesterday.

Forecasters say the weekend is set to be unsettled.

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