Friday 20 July 2018

Niall and Bressie's petit pois project is just a fantasy

MIX-UP: Singer Bressie. Photo: Damien Eagers
MIX-UP: Singer Bressie. Photo: Damien Eagers
Niall Horan from the British band One Direction. Photo: Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Claire McCormack

Visions of pop sensations Niall Horan and Niall 'Bressie' Breslin harvesting wheatgrass and growing petit pois down on the farm sent teenage hearts all over the world into overdrive last week.

As speculation mounted that the musical duo were joining forces to enter the 'grow your own' brigade, so too did notions of the type of business they could potentially run together.

Would Bressie follow in the footsteps of model girlfriend Roz Purcell and dabble in the healthy food market, making all sorts of nutritious barley smoothies and lentil stews? Or now that One Direction have announced their extended break from the world stage, would home-bird Niall Horan return to greener pastures in search of a quiet, private, agricultural life in the country?

One insider said: "Being a country boy at heart, Niall [Horan] wants to return home to Westmeath so having a farm there growing crops and seeds like this would make sense."

Others even warned of the volatility of the fruit, flax and sesame seed market.

However, it's unlikely that the Story of My Life singer is too worried about finances after rocketing up the Sunday Independent rich list earlier this year.

Horan and his fellow band members shared €119.4m last year, according to Forbes magazine calculations, with the 22-year-old amassing a fortune worth around €35m.

The social media suggestions were endless too. But, despite all their fans' creative theories and ideas, a future in farming is not on the cards for the Mullingar maestros and business associates. Claims that the pair are launching a 'hay making' company have sadly been dashed.

Media reports claimed that the Lake County men were branching out into the agricultural sector - with a particular focus on harvesting crops and grain.

Last October, just two months after One Direction declared their hiatus, Niall Horan and Voice of Ireland judge Bressie, along with Cian Boylan, a composer and pianist, formed Camden Recording Studios Limited in Dublin.

While music production, mixing and recording appears to be their main source of business, the company's "principal activity" is registered online as the "growing of cereals (except rice), leguminous crops and oil seeds".

However, the Sunday Independent has learned that this is a "clerical error".

In response to the issue, company director Cian Boylan said their sole business is that of an operating recording studios.

"A clerical, keying-in error during the incorporation process caused the main purpose to erroneously be shown as something different to the purpose of the company," he said.

"We can confirm the company is not involved in any activities other than operating recording studios."

He added: "The documentation required to correct this initial clerical error is currently being processed with the Companies Registration Office and will be changed this weekend."

Meanwhile, Bressie's girlfriend Roz Purcell showed her fearless approach to insect cultivation by sampling a bun made of cricket flour on RTE's Big Week on the Farm last week. She said it was moist and tasted like banana bread, before enthusing: "That's really good".

Her foodie beau who already has a cert in sports psychology and a BA in commerce, has been receiving plaudits for his part in raising awareness about mental health issues.

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