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New by-law will outlaw swearing in playgrounds

Parents have been warned to mind their Ps and Qs around their children as cursing has been outlawed in parks and playgrounds across Co Waterford.

Also on the banned list -which comes into effect at the start of next month - is smoking tobacco and the use of e-cigarettes. Anybody who lights up - or who utters a swear word - may be frogmarched from the park in question.

In addition, they could also be hit with a whopping €1,270 fine.

It's all part of a major clampdown on anti-social behaviour.

The clampdown also outlaws gambling, begging and the use of firearms in designated green spaces.

The tough new rules are all laid down in the Parks, Playgrounds and Open Spaces By-Laws 2015 brought in by the local authorities.

Others activities banned include conducting religious services, flying model airplanes, or grazing cattle, sheep, horses and donkeys in designated areas.

The lighting of fires, having a barbecue, picking flowers, or any conduct that might damage parkland trees, shrubs or plants, is also not allowed.

Elsewhere, the laws state that a person cannot molest, threaten, annoy, or otherwise interfere, with any person using or enjoying parks and open spaces.

Laura Haugh of MummyPages.ie welcomed the initiative, saying it will go a long way to protect innocent ears from bad language.

"By establishing these rules, it will help people to be more cognisant of how to behave in public places, particularly around children."

Irish Independent