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Neil Jordan tells Tommy Tiernan of Tom Cruise’s ‘vampiric lifestyle’


Neil Jordan

Neil Jordan

Neil Jordan

Irish filmmaker and director Neil Jordan said meeting Tom Cruise before casting him as Lestat in Interview with the Vampire revealed a “chilling concentration”.

Jordan, who directed the 1994 gothic horror flick, said he was initially shocked when asked to meet with Cruise to discuss him playing the role.

Jordan said he initially didn’t think Cruise would be suitable for the role due to his size.

“Tom Cruise at the time was the biggest star in the world. I’d always admired him as an actor, I’d seen him in Born on the Fourth of July and in other stuff and I always thought this guy is really interesting.

“When they asked me to meet him to discuss playing the character Lestat I was shocked as he is quite small, about half the size of the way the character is described,” Neil told Tommy, on the final episode in the season of the hit talk show.

But when Jordan met with Cruise, he said the actor had an “extraordinary” presence and alluded to a “vampiric” tendency he had, which then made him perfect for the role of Lestat.

“I went to meet him and there was a chilly thing there, there was a chilling concentration there that was extraordinary, I thought.

“It was also the fact - him being such a star - but also having to keep his privacy so insanely intact. There was almost a vampiric thing about that, if you know what I mean.

“So, I saw someone like him in a state of extreme vulnerability, actually, and having to prove himself in a strange way,” the Sligo native said.

Tommy was also joined by Laura Sutton and Elaine Murphy, who shared their story of surrogacy.

Sutton acted as a surrogate mother for Dublin restaurateur Murphy and her partner, but despite Elaine being the baby’s genetic mother, legislation in Ireland means she doesn’t appear on the baby’s birth cert.

“The actual act is not official in Ireland. It is not illegal but it is not regulated for in any way, so there is no legislation around it.

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“I'm not officially the mother of my baby. I'm not on the birth cert and as things look I won't be on the birth cert.

"My husband is the father of the baby so he's on the birth cert, he can become the guardian of the baby - but in actual fact, he can't. Because Laura is married to another man, Brian, my husband, had to be given the right by Laura's husband to be the father, if you can imagine that.”

Elaine Murphy said she was “amazed” by Sutton’s offer to act as a surrogate mother for her and her partner, saying it was “an extraordinary thing to do for someone”.

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