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National Lottery suffers yet another technical glitch - this time it's duplicated lotto numbers


National Lottery

National Lottery

National Lottery

The company that runs the National Lottery has admitted to another technical glitch.

Last Wednesday night, a problem was discovered when one customer’s four Quick Pick tickets were exactly the same.

The Quick Pick tickets, which were bought in sequence, had unique ticket identifier codes which means that they would be counted as four separate tickets.

The unhappy customer questioned how randomly selected numbers could emerge as identical.

Premier Lotteries Ireland has admitted that a fault occurred with the machine’s printer sensor in the shop.

A statement from Premier Lotteries Ireland said: “Premier Lotteries Ireland has investigated the terminal logs associated with the incident.”

“The report indicates that this was an isolated incident related to a fault with the individual printer sensor which later cleared, however, as a precaution the equipment is being replaced today.”

The tickets were purchased at Oak View Stores, Athy Road, Co Carlow, which declined to comment on the matter.

It is understood that the store immediately contacted PLI when the glitch was discovered and a refund has been offered.

Premier Lotteries Ireland took over the running of the National Lottery late last year when new technology was rolled out to the National Lottery's 3,800 retail outlets.

But PLI has faced criticism from retailers over the introduction of the new technology. Since December, many shop machines have cut out for long periods, and customers have been unable to scan their tickets on self-service terminals.

In February, PLI had to postpone a weekly prize draw for the first time after a network crash.

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