Saturday 23 June 2018

Mytaxi app customers to be charged €2 extra per fare from tomorrow

mytaxi app
mytaxi app

Kathy Armstrong

Mytaxi customers are set to be charged an extra €2 from tomorrow, the popular taxi booking app has revealed.

Passengers will have their fares increased from tomorrow as the team behind the app said this money previously came out of their driver's income.

They said in an email to customers this evening: "The €2 booking fee is an industry-standard fee charged by all taxi providers in Ireland. In the past, we've asked mytaxi drivers to discount this fee for our customers.

"From Thursday the 21st of September 2017, to align with taxi industry standards, we’re no longer requesting that drivers discount the €2 booking fee."

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In a further statement they said their fees are set by the National Transport Authority, they said that there is an initial meter charge of €3.60 or €4 depending on what time of day it is.

After that the fare is calculated by either the distance travelled or if the speed drops below a certain level then by the journey time.

There is a €1 additional cost per passenger, plus the €2 fare that was previously deducted from drivers.

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