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Mysterious attacks on Quinn firms fall silent


Sean Quinn

Sean Quinn

Sean Quinn

There have been no reports of threats or criminal damage on companies and properties owned by the former Quinn Group in six months, gardai have confirmed.

The mysterious attacks on the companies have stopped, as Sean Quinn settles back into his famous red leather chair at what used to be the headquarters of his empire in Derrylin, Co Fermanagh.

The attacks initially began after Quinn was ousted from his company in 2011 by the former Anglo Irish Bank over debts of more than €2bn. The Quinn Group was later rebranded Aventas. Aventas logged around 70 attacks.

Sean Quinn and his family have condemned the attacks and said they were not carried out in his name. Mr Quinn, who exited bankruptcy on Friday, has been taken on as a consultant by a group of former Quinn executives who secured backing to buy back some of his companies before Christmas. According to a councillor and director of the new business, John McCartin, his remuneration has not been discussed.

The previous management were reported to have replaced Mr Quinn's symbolic red chair with a black swivel chair. But in recent weeks, Mr Quinn's supporters posted pictures of the former tycoon back in his red chair.

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