Friday 19 January 2018

My beautiful baby is gone, cries mother as little Jake is laid to rest

The distraught parents of Jake Brennan (6), Christopher and Rosanne, at the back of the hearse in Kilkenny city Photo: Pat Moore.
The distraught parents of Jake Brennan (6), Christopher and Rosanne, at the back of the hearse in Kilkenny city Photo: Pat Moore.

THE young mother's anguished cries wrenched the soul, as two white doves cut through the blue sky.

"I love you Jakey, I love you. Jakey. I want Jakey," she wept.

The church of St John's the Evangelist in Kilkenny overflowed with sorrow for the funeral of little Jake Brennan. Inconsolable cries preceded his white coffin as it was carried with love and immense care up the aisle.

The six-year-old boy was struck by a car last Thursday while playing with his little brother Kaelem less than 15 metres from his house.

A more poignant Father's Day could scarcely have been imagined for Jake's father, Chris, who was bent in utter devastation over the little white coffin that held the remains of his beloved his first-born son.

He stood weeping for several moments before returning, trembling with grief, to his seat as the hearts of all in the church ached for him and the family.

The young couple stood embracing amid terrible grief shared by Jake's grandparents John and Bernadette Brennan, grandmother Joan Hayes and her partner Michael, as well as the extended families.

There were fondly remembered movie nights with everyone all tucked up under the covers in bed during winter – with dad dispatched to pick up a takeaway.

The triumphant Playstation matches between father and son, with a triumphant Jake calling: "Ha ha! you lose!"

We heard of the stories the little boy had written in school about his love for his parents, his beloved younger brother Kaelem (3) and four-month-old baby sister Savannah.

Teacher Mrs White recalled a lovely child with perfect manners, who had recently painted "a beautiful and vibrant butterfly that had enlivened the class".

He was a little boy worried about starting first class in September, saying: "I'm afraid the sums will be too hard" – and whose mother had reassured him saying: "You will be well able."

The little charmer had "two girlfriends on the go – and a new crush".

Mum Roseann carried Jake's favourite, floppy grey teddy bear, Ruby – who had been with him "since the start".

She showered the toy with tearful kisses before giving it up to the priest, who laid it on a side table beside the coffin.

A procession of the little boy's most precious items were brought to the altar, each item held up by someone who had loved Jake.

Grandfather Mickey held up a golf ball – the pair had loved to collect them.

Celebrant Fr Frank Purcell reminded the family how Jake had been baptised at that very church on September 6, 2008 at 5pm.

"In the most beautiful gardens, there is an occasional rose that buds but never opens," he told them.

As the cortege proceeded silently through the streets towards St Kieran's cemetery, the stricken mother wept. "My beautiful baby is gone."

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