Saturday 21 September 2019

Mums-to-be get special badges for rail travel

Irish Rail (stock photo)
Irish Rail (stock photo)

Allison Bray

It's literally a sign of the times. The seeming death of chivalry and common courtesy has forced Irish Rail to issue badges for pregnant women, to encourage other passengers to give up their seats to mothers-to-be without them having to ask them to do so.

Effective immediately, pregnant women travelling on trains can apply for a 'Baby on Board' badge to indicate they are commuting for two and in greater need of a seat than others.

The badges, available by post from Irish Rail free of charge, "are designed to overcome the awkwardness often felt by pregnant women in having to ask someone to give up their seat on the train", said Irish Rail spokesman Barry Kenny.

The campaign is a first step in encouraging passengers, especially those travelling at peak times, to be more considerate of other commuters.

Complaints include people blaring music from headphones, using devices without headphones, or invading other people's personal spaces, and talking loudly or incessantly on their mobiles.

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