Sunday 21 April 2019

Motorists who were overcharged on M1 toll system are to be refunded this month

Toll booths on the M1 motorway.
Toll booths on the M1 motorway.
Laura Larkin

Laura Larkin

Motorists who were overcharged due to a technical issue with the M1 toll system are to be refunded this month.

It has emerged that around 1,500 tag customers who use the M1 Drogheda Bypass were charged incorrectly when they left the road and re-entered at a different point within three hours - which should not incur a second charge.

Incorrect tolls were collected totally around €6,000 Michael Nolan, Chief Executive, Transport Infrastructure Ireland told a Dail committee on transport this morning.

It is hoped that all motorists overcharged will be refunded by the end of January.

The overcharging coincided with an upgrade to the toll collection system which began in April 2017 and the issue was flagged on January 10 this year.

“This issue arose only for those using electronic tags for payment, and does not affect cash customers,” Mr Nolan said.

“Since becoming aware of the error, we have conducted spot checks, and verified that the three-hour tag re-entry mechanism is now performing as intended,” he added.

The operator, Celtic Roads Group (Dundalk), has issued an apology to affected customers for the error.

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