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Mother of Irishman shot dead in Bolivia speaks before the Oireachtas


The mother of an Irishman who was shot dead by Bolivian special forces is before the Oireachtas today seeking an international inquiry into her son’s death.

Caroline Dwyer will today update the Oireachtas on the measures she has taken in seeking justice for her son.

Michael Dwyer (24) from Brocka, Ballinderry, Co Tipperary was shot dead along with two other men during a police raid on the hotel where he was staying in April 2009.

The Bolivian government claimed they were terrorists who were killed over an alleged political assassination plot but Mr Dwyer's family says it has gathered evidence to show he was an innocent victim who was executed.

In July 2016, Caroline flew to Bolivia to investigate her son’s killing.

The Bolivian government made a commitment to facilitate the trip but on arrival she was told no meetings could take place because public prosecutors claimed they would prejudice an ongoing trial linked to her son’s case.

Fianna Fáil TD Brendan Smith said: "Given the many questions that Mrs Dwyer has about the circumstances of her son’s death, we welcome the opportunity to hear about the measures she has taken in seeking an independent, international investigation."

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