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Mother fears IRA gangsters will murder her son

A desperate mother has appealed to Gerry Adams to intervene to stop her son being murdered by an IRA gang believed to be responsible for murdering another young man eight years ago.

Pauline Torley was told last week that a republican gang is plotting to murder her son Eoin, a 29-year-old self-employed window fitter.

The Torley family was informed by the PSNI last week that a group terming itself the 'Republican Community of Crossmaglen' was intent on doing harm to her son, the father of a young daughter.

Mrs Torley said she believes the 'group' is a cover-name for local Provisional IRA racketeers who are involved in the fuel-smuggling trade.

She told the Irish Independent that the main threat to her son is coming from three local "republicans" who are suspected of having been involved in the IRA murder of Paul Quinn, the 21-year-old south Armagh man beaten to death in a disused shed in Co Louth in October 2007.

She said she and her husband, also Eoin, had approached local Sinn Féin figures to appeal to have the threat to her son lifted.


Paul Quinn, who was beaten to death in a barn in Monaghan

Paul Quinn, who was beaten to death in a barn in Monaghan

Paul Quinn, who was beaten to death in a barn in Monaghan

"This has been going on for two years or more but we are very afraid now they intend to murder Eoin. The PSNI came out and told us they had information he was going to be attacked. Three weeks ago Eoin was in town (Crossmaglen), and they shouted at him: 'You're dead, you're f***ing dead'."

She said that thugs tore down the fence at his house and they poisoned his dog.

"We are very worried now. The PSNI came in six Land Rovers to our house last Thursday and my husband went to the station where they read out this statement to him.

"We went to Sinn Féin and we asked that they help lift the threat to Eoin. They said they would get back to us but they never did come back. If they think that is acceptable behaviour, it is not. I would like Gerry Adams to stop this."

Mrs Torley said when her husband called to the PSNI station in Crossmaglen, an officer read a statement to him which said: "The PSNI are in receipt of information which states members of the Republican Community of Crossmaglen may take some form of punitive attack against Eoin Kelly."

But no such organisation as the Republican Community of Crossmaglen exists, local sources said. Garda and PSNI sources also said the only criminal or paramilitary organisation that exists is the IRA group that maintains control of the fuel and smuggling rackets in the Border area.

The Torleys live only a short distance from Cullyhanna where the family of Paul Quinn still live.

Sinn Féin did not respond to a request for comment last night.

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