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More Aer Lingus flights cancelled at Dublin Airport


Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus

Air passengers are facing more disruption this evening as several flights are again either cancelled or delayed to and from Dublin Airport.

The flight turmoil for customers over the weekend came as a result of Covid cases among Aer Lingus staff and an air traffic control strike in France, Italy and Spain.

Ryanair also stated in recent days it expected the two-day strike over the weekend to affect travel.

This evening the Aer Lingus flights from Dublin Airport which were cancelled were the 6.45pm to Brussels and the 6.35pm to Frankfurt. Return flights from those cities at 10.50pm and 9.45pm were also cancelled this evening. A London Gatwick to Dublin flight, which was due at 9.35pm, was also cancelled.

The airline's 10.30pm flight from Manchester is delayed

Other delayed flights included the Dublin Airport to Edinburgh at 6.10pm, the 6.15pm to Glasgow, the Ryanair 6.05pm to Faro and the 6.45pm Ryanair flight to Liverpool.

The 7.25pm Ryanair to Manchester was also delayed, as was the 7.50pm Ryanair flight to Malta, the 8.05pm to Alicante, the 9.45pm to Santorini and the 8.55pm to Bordeaux.

Among the Aer Lingus delays are the 10.25pm to Bristol, the 9.40pm to Verona, the 9.45pm to Leeds Bradford, as well as the 10pm to Edinburgh and the 9.50pm to Glasgow.

A Ryanair 10.15pm flight from Bordeaux to Dublin Airport is currently delayed, along with a 10.15pm Ryanair flight from Billund, Denmark.

An Aer Lingus flight from Bristol, due at 11.05pm, is also delayed along with a Palma 11.05pm Ryanair flight. Other Aer Lingus delays include a flight from Verona to Dublin due at 10.22pm.

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An Aer Lingus spokesperson said last night the airline “anticipated the return of demand for travel once Covid restrictions were removed and built appropriate buffers into our plans in order to deal with a reasonable level of additional disruption.

“This weekend, system pressures from ATC (air traffic control) strikes, and ongoing issues at airports and among third party suppliers have regrettably necessitated the cancellation of some flights.

“This pressure on the system has been compounded by a spike in Covid cases among our own teams in the last number of days. Where cancellations have occurred, Aer Lingus has sought to re-accommodate disrupted passengers on the next available alternative service.

“Aer Lingus wishes to apologise to those customers that have been impacted, and has shared details regarding customers’ rights and the airlines’ obligations under Regulation (EC) 261/2004 which can be found here: www.aerlingus.com/support/legal/regulation.”

Ryanair said it had expected “some disruptions” over the weekend, mainly in France, Italy and Spain - due to the two days strike at the air traffic control centre in Marseille.

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