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McIlroy probably feels 'a bit stupid about injury, but it's not end of the world' - Lowry

Rory McIlroy and Erica Stoll
Rory McIlroy and Erica Stoll
A post by Rory McIlroy on Instagram on 6/7/2015
Rory McIlroy
Shane Lowry with golfers who were playing in a Leinster under-13 boys competition at Greystones Golf Club yesterday

Daniel McDonald

Shane Lowry has said fellow golfer Rory McIlroy probably feels "a little bit stupid" after scuppering his chances of competing in the British Open in a football kick-about.

However, the Offaly native said the injury was "not the end of the world".

The world's number one golfer ruptured ligaments in his left ankle playing football with friends at the weekend - just days before he was due to compete at St Andrew's. He posted a photograph of himself on social media sporting a large plastic support on his left leg and using crutches to stand.

Speaking at Greystones Golf Club in County Wicklow yesterday, where he was announced as brand ambassador for Kartel clothing, Lowry said McIlroy would "have everyone in the media on his back now".

"Should he be playing football? I don't know. He likes playing football, and he likes playing football with his mates. What's wrong with that?" Lowry said.

"He's only 26. People think that because you're good at something you should just do that and focus on that, but that's not what life is about.

"It's not ideal for him because he's world number one, and he's going to have everyone in the media on his back now, but it can happen anywhere.

"You could be walking down the steps in the morning and fall, and that's life, that's the way it happens.

"It just so happens he's the best golfer in the world and it's happened to him like this."

Lowry said every golfer wanted to compete in St Andrew's. "With the Open in St Andrew's, no matter who you are, whether you're world number one or an amateur, you don't want to miss it, you want to play in it.

"He [McIlroy] probably will feel a little bit stupid, but I mean he'll be grand. It's not the end of the world. No one's after dying."

McIlroy, who is dating PGA employee Erica Stoll, said he had already started rehab.

He told his fans on social media: "Working hard to get back as soon as I can."

He had been due to go head-to-head with American rival Jordan Spieth.

Meanwhile Lowry, who will play in the Scottish Open this week before continuing to St Andrew's, said he would rather people stop talking up his chances of winning a major and pointed out he was still very early in his career.

"I'm definitely not at the stage in my career where I can have my eye on majors. I think that's one thing that people are getting very carried away with. I've only won two events as a pro.

"I do know that I can win any tournament I play in, and I'm not going to say that I can't.

"I'm not going to make up the numbers; I'm going to St Andrew's to win. I'd just prefer if people would stop talking about it."

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