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McDowell never in talks about joining Renua or an alliance for Independent TDs


Michael McDowell

Michael McDowell

Michael McDowell

FORMER Tánaiste Michael McDowell has revealed he never spoke with either Lucinda Creighton or Shane Ross about joining their political movements.

There was widespread speculation that Mr McDowell, the former Progressive Democrats leader, was central to Ms Creighton’s plans to launch a new party.

Mr McDowell admitted he missed political life but insisted he did not hold discussions with Ms Creighton about joining Renua or Mr Ross, who has established an alliance for Independent TDs

“I wrote articles in the newspapers saying there was a very big opportunity for a new force in Irish politics. If she or Shane Ross have achieved that time will tell. But, no, I had no part whatsoever in either of those activities,” Mr McDowell told RTE Radio One.

The former Justice Minister said areas of political life have become “increasingly negative” and he feels sorry for the good people in politics who get a “hammering”.

He described how protesters recently targeted former Taoiseach Brian Cowen as a “horrible way to deal with another human being”.

“The other day I saw Brian Cowen being harassed by people - trying to provoke him and humiliate him, and generally acting the bowsy,” he said.

He said Fianna Fail and Fine Gael are “ideologically compatible” but would lose votes “hand over fist” if they discussed plans to form a coalition before the next general election. 

Mr McDowell said he would be voting Yes in the Marriage Equality Referendum but warned against underestimating the No vote.

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