Thursday 14 December 2017

Man with same name as Tory councillor who tweeted anti-Irish remarks has to clarify after people threaten to 'rip him to shreds'

Kathy Armstrong

A man with the same name as the Tory councillor who tweeted anti-Irish remarks has been forced to clarify his innocence after being threatened online.

Nick Harrington was bemused when he was bombarded with abuse after the offensive tweet was sent from the Warwick councillor's account just after midnight on Sunday morning, shortly after Ireland gave the UK zero points in the Eurovision final.

The tweet read: "#Eurovision2017 thanks Ireland. You can keep your f'king gypsies! Hard border coming folks!"

Cllr Harrington has since been suspended and his account is no longer available.

The other Nick Harrington, CEO of financial services specialists Eximius Group, has since been fielding off messages from confused twitter users.

One person wrote: "Hope to dress you up like a fox one day so we can chase you round our estate and rip you to shreds- Tory anti-Irish gobsh*te."

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Nick clarified the mix-up last night, saying: "Just a quick one... I'm not a Tory MP, I am a lover of Ireland but I am as confused as everyone else about Eurovision. :)"

Some people didn't understand what he meant though, one person said: "Your apology is a lie."

Another wrote: "So why did you say what you said?"

The Irish Independent has reached out to Cllr Harrington for comment. Councillor Andrew Mobbs, leader of Warwick District Council, said Mr Harrington has been suspended for six months following the "unacceptable" comments.

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