Sunday 22 April 2018

Man pulls gun in city pub to send drinkers running to find cover

Gardai are investigating the incident in the Clondalkin pub Picture: Kyran O'Brien
Gardai are investigating the incident in the Clondalkin pub Picture: Kyran O'Brien

Robin Schiller

A crazed gunman ran through a west Dublin pub brandishing a shotgun as terrified staff and punters jumped for cover.

The frightening incident took place in a pub in Clondalkin on the eve of the All-Ireland football final.

Sources have said that the incident is linked to an earlier assault, when the armed man was beaten up by a group of people. Gardaí are investigating the incident, but no arrests have yet been made.


In the early hours of Sunday morning last weekend, a hooded man arrived at the pub and threatened staff with what is believed to be a shotgun.

He then ran into the lounge and started pointing it at terrified punters as he walked around the pub.

Terrified drinkers ducked for cover as the gun-wielding man looked around for a group of men while pointing the weapon at innocent customers.

However, he eventually ran away without a shot being fired. It is understood that no one was injured during the incident.

Sources have revealed that the frightening episode is related to an earlier incident.

It is understood that the gunman had been socialising in the pub for a number of hours that afternoon, and became involved in a dispute with other men.

A fight broke out and the man was assaulted.

He then left the pub and threatened to return with a "shooter'"

"He came back a few hours later with a firearm, but he was still wearing the same clothes he had on him in the pub. He didn't have any fears of being recognised, clearly," a source said.

"Gardai are investigating the reports that a firearm was produced, but haven't been able to locate a particular individual they want to question."

It is believed that the incident is linked to a personal dispute rather than being connected to organised crime.

During the day a separate incident took place at the pub when a man in his early 20s ran into the bar claiming he had been shot.

When armed gardai rushed to the scene they couldn't find any evidence of shots being fired, such as bullet casings, or other evidence of the alleged attempted assassination.

The incident led to the alleged victim making a number of threats on social media.

"The worst thing you could did (sic) was shoot and not kill. Watch what's going to happen you, sly b*****d.

"I betcha (sic) ye won't walk down the Neilstown Road like the hard man you think you are, you are dead ye pennyless (sic) piece a s**t," a now deleted post on the young man's Facebook account read.

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