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Man claims he found insect in Tesco salad


A customer of Tesco is claiming to have found at least one insect in his salad, purchased in Tesco on Pearse Street in Dublin.

Fabio Faria (31), works on Pearse Street and normally buys his lunch in the Tesco Express near his work.

He reported that he "felt something really strange" in his first bite of the salad he had bought for lunch.

"I got chicken, pasta and vegetables... nothing would be that texture".

"When I dug around in the salad, I found an insect".


Faria complained to the shop and while he received a refund, he was told that he would have to make a complaint through Head Office.

A Customer Services representative for Tesco responding to Faria's complaint wrote:

"I'm so sorry that you found an insect in the salad you purchased from our Pearse Street store recently. I understand your disappointment".

"To resolve this, we would ask that you return to the store you purchased the product in with your receipt, packaging and the insect if possible. This will enable us to investigate the matter further with our suppliers".

Faria told Independent.ie that his goal is to get Tesco to "be more careful".

"They have to be careful... For me it was lucky, I ate one and nothing happened but imagine if it did".

Faria has complained about the incident to the Food Safety Authority of Ireland.

"All of our fresh deli ingredients are sourced from approved local suppliers and tested thoroughly before they are delivered to Tesco stores.

Responding to Independent.ie, a representative from Tesco Ireland said:

Providing safe, high quality food is always our absolute priority and we operate to strict food hygiene and training standards.

We’re sorry that the customer had this experience; we serve 2.5 million customer transactions per week and it is extremely rare for a customer to have an experience like this.

We have followed up with our suppliers to ensure that our rigorous quality control standards are reinforced".

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