Friday 23 August 2019

Make the most of the sun - as rain is forecast for Wednesday

Met Éireann has advised people to 'enjoy the warm spell' today and tomorrow as showers hit later in the week

The beach and promenade at Salthill
The beach and promenade at Salthill
As predicted, temperatures across the country are rising (Stock image)

Niamh Lynch

Get out and enjoy today’s fleeting good weather is the message from Met Éireann as showers are set to sweep in across the country from Wednesday

“Today and tomorrow, there’ll be very warm spells," said Liz Gavin, Met Éireann forecaster. "We’re looking at temperatures from 20C to as high as 25C or 26C. There’ll be a lot of dry weather.

“The best of the sunshine will be in the east on both days.

“On Wednesday, the temperature will be a few degrees down, more like 20C to 22C. We’ll see more in the way of rain.

“There’ll be heavy rain overnight on Wednesday evening going into Thursday, especially over the western half. Temperatures will still be around 20C to 25C, so still warm and humid,” said Ms Gavin.

Scattered showers will come in on Friday, with temperatures between 18C and 20C.

Ms Gavin said: “At the weekend, it looks to be more changeable. A low-pressure system is set to build up in the south, where we’ll likely see rain. The north will have the best weather but there will be showers, with temperatures of 16C to 20C.

“So we’d say for people to enjoy the warm spell today and tomorrow.”

As predicted, temperatures across the country are rising (Stock image)

And for hayfever sufferers, make sure to stock up on tissues as there will be a medium to high pollen count today and tomorrow, with Leinster being worst affected.

Met Éireann forecaster John Eagleton previously told that the weather this year has been a long way off last summer's heatwave.

"It’s certainly not as intense as last year," he said.

Meanwhile, with the summer holidays now in full swing, charity Drinkaware has asked the public to be mindful of the dangers of drinking alcohol in the sun and urged people to never drink and swim.

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